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Road to Pitesti

Presented by: Brad Watkins
Show time: Monday 
Recurring: Yes
Chill out on a Monday evening with Brad and George. Sit out, enjoy the breeze, enjoy the air, enjoy the tunes and clear your mind.

You've heard about the festival in the middle of the forest in Romania.., it was on the road to Pitesti.

Also as part of this Brad is going on a Beer Journey learning about what beer is about.
All times are in UTC .

Broadcast Date Summary Play
08-06-2015 Brad runs solo. The Bradlist is born
18-05-2015 Brad and Lyndon gearing up for their motorcycle tests
11-05-2015 Brad and Lyndon kickin back, it's Monday, time for good tunes!
04-05-2015 Brad and George signing off a 3 day weekend
16-03-2015 Brad & Lyndon manage to get on board after a hectic Monday
09-03-2015 Brad and Lyndon go on a trip through multiple emotional states
23-02-2015 Brad and Lyndon kicking back and listening to good tunes
26-01-2015 Australia Day with Brad and Lyndon
15-12-2014 Brad and Lyndon chill out on Monday evening
17-11-2014 Brad's hangs out with some good tracks to keep us company
10-11-2014 Brad plays the 'flu' intro, Lyndon covers a sick George
08-09-2014 Join Brad and George for the first ever Road To Pitesti

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