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Current Track: WHAT ABOUT ME? Moving Pictures
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Brad Watkins AKA: DJ Snick, invertedaussie

On a drive back from Stonehenge, there was some amazing chilled music on the radio which spawned our idea for islandx radio.

Music is definitely a big factor affecting mood, get it right and the moment is amazing... Lets get it right :)

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George I believe that music is one of the most essential foods. Don't you feel sometimes that you're starving to listen to the music you love? Music is everywhere, we just need to listen. "God is a DJ" :)

DJGrumpy AKA: Pat Batten

I have been involved with music my whole life - I am older than dirt but young at heart. I enjoy an occasional bottle of wine - (why stop at just one glass?)
I am a former used car salesman a disco instructor (true), and I am a retired soccer referee (y'all call it football in the UK and Australia).
I am an overfed long haired leaping gnome...
I have worked in Project Management for the past 20 odd years and have been married to the same wonderful woman for almost 35 years ( the woman should be nominated for sainthood).

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islandx radio
When there are no live DJs broadcasting, islandx Radio falls back to it's autopilot. It has no particular genre, just a lot of songs in a completely random order.

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